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The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region invites schoolchildren from rural areas for an entertaining journey through the world of science.
Instead of broken slating, an insulated and bright metal roof: Sviato-Pokrovska Church in the village of Stara Vodolaga has finally got a new roof. Funds for its construction were provided by Novovodolazkyi district agricultural enterprises and The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region.
Our country struggled for centuries for its unity. And today, Ukrainians are proud to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the signing of the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic - the Day of Unity of Ukraine!
A resident of the village of Malyi Burluk has almost lost his land parcel – the man did not do the paperwork related to receiving an inheritance in time, and the prosecutor's office, through court, has recognized it to be escheat, or in other words, not belonging to any person.

About Foundation

The idea to establish the foundation was conceived in November 2014. Yet the developments in our country have somewhat postponed its realization. The Foundation has been officially established in June 2015. It was founded by the caring people who united to change the country. They represent businesses and different social and democratic organizations of the Kharkiv city and region. They act where the state fails or has no time to act.


The Foundation’s stand is to be active, to unite skills and knowledge, to engage professionals, and to help compatriots by giving them hope and opportunities to change their lives.

The Foundation’s activities are targeted at the implementation of projects most needed in the region, such as accessible healthcare, creation of new jobs, facilitation of territorial communities, support of kindergartens and schools.

This will help to revive village and bring youth back.

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