Grateful for Attention to Villagers: Foundation’s Charitable Healthcare Campaign Is Ongoing

Grateful for Attention to Villagers: Foundation’s Charitable Healthcare Campaign Is Ongoing


The charitable healthcare campaign of the Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region is ongoing. From March 9 to March 11 the volunteer doctors have provided medical check-ups in three villages of the Barvinkove district – Kotivka, Havrylivka, and Podolivka. All-in-all they have made nearly 500 examinations using the state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostic equipment, a cardiograph, and a glucose meter.

For the majority of the Barvinkove district residents a consultation of a doctor from Kharkiv is unaffordable luxury, because it is one of the furthermost districts of the region. Not many are able to cover the 200-kilometer distance to the district center; moreover the transport connection here is far from being satisfactory. That is why Kharkiv doctors were welcomed warmly in all villages.

“For citizens of our village the arrival of medical professionals from Kharkiv was a big event, because in Podolivka live many elderly people, whose health condition would not allow travelling even to Barvinkove, not to mention the regional center,” mentioned the headman of the Podolivka village Oleksandr Fitisov. “We are very thankful to the Foundation of Social Development and its doctors for their attention to local residents, as well as for the possibility to have free medical checkups and be consulted by the specialists.”

Using the chance, people went for an appointment with every specialist in order to get the most complete picture of their health. Most of all patients were received in Podolivka; the doctors made here over two hundred examinations.

Medical officers noticed that almost everywhere they faced careless attitude of people to their own health. The majority of rural citizens do not go for checkups or examinations; that is why oftentimes they have no idea about their potential diseases. A large number of diagnoses were made by the volunteer doctors for the first time, in other words it was the first time when patients learnt about their pathologies.

Poor health condition of villagers is primarily explained by their lifestyle. Because they have to work a lot and manage the household they simply have no time for their health. When feeling bad the villagers attempt to doctor themselves. As a result, they approach their old age with a whole bunch of diseases.

“It’s about their lifeway. They work hard and their diet is unhealthy because due to the lack of time they have meals only once or twice a day. Also they doctor themselves,” told the ultrasound diagnostician Anna Eduardivna. “Hard physical work has a very detrimental effect. Many people ask to examine kidneys, because they think that kidneys are the reason for their pain in the back. Yet it appears that kidneys are fine and that the true problem with the spine is the heavy load of work. Everyone complains about the back.”

Doctors encourage people to not neglect their health and have medical checkups at least once a year, as well as adhere to recommendations of specialists. The volunteer doctors shared that words of gratitude from the villagers, who underwent the treatment and feel better, are the best motivation for them to continue with what they are doing.