The Foundation for Social Development Implemented 8 Projects in the Velykyi Burluk District

The Foundation for Social Development Implemented 8 Projects in the Velykyi Burluk District


Support of education and sports, arrangement of healthcare campaigns, and provision of legal aid – these were core activities of the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region in the Velykyi Burluk district. Throughout the year that is passing, the Foundation’s projects have reached around a thousand of residents in the district. It’s time to summarize the results and remind of the most crucial achievements.

 Quality Medical Service for Villagers

Medical teams of the Foundation worked in the Velykyi Burluk district from May to September. They travelled across villages and arranged free medical check-ups for their population. People have been examined and consulted by professionals from Kharkiv – neuropathologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, traumatologists, and gynecologists. Every patient could undergo an ultrasound examination, do a cardiogram, measure the intraocular pressure, or take a blood sugar test. Several hundred residents of the Velykyi Burluk district have used the chance. In total, 19 medical check-ups have been held in the district, where doctors have offered more than fifty five hundred medical services.

Support of Sports and Local Infrastructure

Velykyi Burluk district has strong amateur football traditions – district competitions are organized on a regular basis here. Yet many amateur teams face financial challenges. The Foundation for Social Development came to the aid of the “Rublene” and “Prykolotne” local football clubs and provided them with finances to purchase sports gear – new athletic apparel, boots, and balls for training.

In the small village of Shevchenkove the benefactors have established a public transport stop. Now the locals have a place to hide from bad weather when waiting for a bus. 

“We needed that bus stop, because both the regular bus and the school bus are riding though the village. Shevchenkove is a part of the Malyi Burluk village council, which already has a number of stops in its territory, but that’s not enough. Of course, people are happy now,” said the headman of Malyi Burluk Serhii Rubizhanskyi.

Provision of Legal Aid

The Foundation’s legal reception is operating at 22 Tsentralna Street in Velykyi Burluk since June. It offers free consultations on legal matters to the population. Its lawyer gives explanations, helps people draw applications and agreements, and informs of the latest changes in laws. For rural citizens are organized on-site consultations at the facilities of village councils. Since the civil reception’s opening the lawyer of the Foundation provided legal aid to more than two hundred people.

Thanks to the charity givers, it was the first time when Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Travelling Festival arrived to the Velykyi Burluk district. Exclusive film show was organized for students of the local school in the village of Ploske. Senior students watched a number of short movies from this year’s festival program.

Communities Development Facilitation

At the back of the power decentralization, the well-being of territorial communities largely depends on the competence of representatives of the local self-government authorities. In order to increase effective performance of officials and deputies of local councils, the Foundation organizes for them training and informational workshops involving key scientists and professionals. Thus, two such seminars have been held in the Velykyi Burluk district; they were dedicated to land relationships specifics and the latest anticorruption procedures.

“We’ve learned a lot of new things for ourselves, for the village council, and for residents of our village. The most interesting information was about the legal treatment and formalization of inheritance of the dead. There are many land plots like that in our village council and we didn’t know what to do about them,” stated Inna Androshchuk, inspector of the Pidserednie village council.

Charitable Campaign

The benefactors provided fifty IDP families residing in the Velykyi Burluk district with Hungarian humanitarian aid, which consisted of food and hygiene articles. Right before the Teachers’ Day they also passed various stationery sets to seventeen schools in the district.

“We are very grateful to everyone who joined Foundation’s initiatives and took part in our projects. We wouldn’t have done so many good works without your support. Velykyi Burluk district is a good example of effective cooperation between charity and local community. I hope that next year we will implement even more interesting projects together,” stated Yevhen Shapoval, Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region.