Foundation’s Healthcare Professionals Began Check-Ups in Villages of Bohodukhiv District

Foundation’s Healthcare Professionals Began Check-Ups in Villages of Bohodukhiv District


At the beginning of April medical teams of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region visited the Bohodukhiv district for the first time in the year. They have already provided free medical check-ups in such villages as Semeniv Yar, Chervona Nyva, Pavlivka, and Kruchyk – the village where the famous Ukrainian enlightener Vasyl Karazin was born and brought-up. In total volunteer doctors offered over one thousand medical services in those villages.

Kruchyk is a small village with about eight hundred of mostly elderly residents. The locals get primary medical aid at the Kruchyk primary healthcare unit. Doctors from Bohodukhiv arrive here twice a year. When needed, the villagers can get to the district hospital on their own, because Kruchyk is only 9 kilometers away from the district center. But there is only one but – if they stay longer at the hospital, there is no bus to take them home, because the last one departs to the village at 11 a.m.

The format of medical service practiced by the Foundation’s teams is very convenient for Kruchyk and similar villages, because the doctors come to people and bring along modern equipment like an ultrasound diagnostics machine, a glucose meter, or a cardiograph. Every Kruchyk resident was able to have a free examination and get the results immediately, as well as to be consulted by a neurologist, a cardiologist, and a gynecologist. Many people have used this chance. Kharkiv specialists offered over 250 medical services.

In Kruchyk specialists from Kharkiv were mostly addressed by people with chronic diseases; no unexpected illnesses or diagnoses were revealed or made. Medical professionals made a paradoxical conclusion – the majority of people are aware of their diseases, yet they do not make further examinations or undergo treatment. Some of them simply have no money for that, others don’t want to spend time on it because they are busy with their household.

It is very hard to persuade a villager to come for an examination,” stated the Head of the Kruchyk primary healthcare unit Tetiana Onyshchenko. “While we were waiting for the team, I convinced people “Come on, go for examinations and treatment, please!” Because very often people come to the doctor for a check-up, then they put the paper with prescriptions away and forget about it. All people, who applied to the PHU, had advanced diseases.”

Attention and care of the volunteer doctors surprised the Kruchyk citizens. People said that such a regard is a rare case, especially for rural patients. During their check-ups Kruchyk villagers received detailed explanations about their health condition, as well as recommendations regarding their further examination and treatment. Moreover, people were very glad that this all was for free. That is why they were so pleased when leaving the PHU, and somebody even wrote a letter of gratitude to doctors.

“We are so happy that the doctors arrived. We have only positive impressions from examinations by and communication with medical officers. The doctors were excellent. We are very thankful for their attention and help,” said the Kruchyk resident Yuliia Mykolaiivna.

Charitable medical teams have scheduled some more visits to other villages and towns of the Bohodukhiv district. Kharkiv specialists will announce about their on-site visit to a particular village in advance, so that as many people as possible would come for a free check-up.