Volunteer Doctors Were in Vasylenkove Village of the Shevchenkove District

Volunteer Doctors Were in Vasylenkove Village of the Shevchenkove District


The medical team of the Foundation paid a visit to Vasylenkove village of the Shevchenkove district half a year ago. At that time in October 2015 the volunteer doctors have made over 30 examinations of local residents. This time in May 2016 even more people came for appointments with specialists.

The demand for on-site consultations is easily explained, because the medical service in the village is problematic. There is a primary healthcare unit in Vasylenkove, but in case of serious issues people have to apply to the district hospital in Shevchenkove; buses go there only three times a week.

Besides, there is a chance that specialists, following the procedure, will refuse to receive them without a reference from the family doctor, who works in the neighboring Hetmanivka village.

“Sometimes people go to the hospital in vain, because specialists demand a reference from the family doctor and refuse to receive them without it. And in order to go to the family doctor one needs a vehicle, which is a big problem in the village,” said the head of the primary healthcare unit Nataliia Mykolaiivna.

Among themselves Vasylenkove villagers say that the doctors of the district hospitals will receive patients without the reference more often than not, but they will do that reluctantly. Yet there is one more reason that can fail the entire trip to the district center – the bus returns too early.

“The bus to Shevchenkove arrives at 8a.m. and returns at 11.30a.m. Very often this time is not enough even to enter the doctor’s room, because one has to rush for a bus soon after getting in line,” shared Nataliia Mykolaiivna.

Nina Stepanivna, a pensioner, encountered the same problem too. That is why she made her second visit to the volunteer doctors. She had a check-up in October and took into account all recommendations; now she decided to see if her health condition changed.

In total 650 people reside in Vasylenkove, mainly those are elderly people. That’s the reason why the doctors are primarily addressed with age-specific issues. But there are kids too. The local villager Nataliia brought her child for a check-up.

“I decided to take my son to a doctor in order to check his health. The family doctor visits us on rare occasions, and usually I have no possibility to go to the district by car, because my husband is at work. Moreover, I have four children, which makes such trips even more difficult. These visits are like a lifesaver to me,” said Nataliia.

“The villagers’ life involves hard physical work, which has its imprint on their health. When visiting them we share about the prevention of diseases. We recommend them special exercises, which may stabilize their joints and spine. Realizing the challenging financial standing of the people, we make an emphasis on physical therapy,” shared Volodymyr Viktorovych.

In Vasylenkove volunteer doctors gave over 120 consultations. Health of the locals is in good condition owing to the previous visit of the medical team. The specialists stress that similar check-ups have to be regular, that is the only way to avoid serious health issues.