Barvinkove District Hospital Obtained an Ambulance from Canada

Barvinkove District Hospital Obtained an Ambulance from Canada


Barvinkovedistrictreceivedauniquevehiclean upgraded ambulancefor the transportation of seriously sick patients. ThegiftfromCanadawastransferredtotheBarvinkove district hospital by the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region.

Every 3-4 days the hospital receives patients in critical condition, who must be immediately transported to Kharkiv, because they can get highly specialized professional medical care only there. Such patients typically have heavy bleeding, strokes, heart attacks, or injuries after car accidents; these may also be little kids with aggravating pneumonia, bronchitis, or severe intoxication. In order to transport such patients to the regional center, doctors had to call for specialized vehicles from Kharkiv and wait for their arrival, which means loss of valuable time. Now they don’t have to wait, because Barvinkove district hospital has its own ambulance that is completely equipped for the transportation of bed-bound patients.

“The vehicle is extremely comfortable. Equipment, connection, layout of machines – beginning with stretchers and ending with additional drawers for equipment – all of it was so well and reasonably considered that it just surprises us with its comfort for people. This vehicle can really help save people’s lives,” said Chief Medical Officer ofthe Barvinkove Central District Hospital Oleksandr Khalieiev.

Canadian benefactors have bought 10 such resuscitation ambulances for Ukraine. Yet the Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region took care to provide the Barvinkove district with one of them. Its representatives held negotiations with Canadians, organized delivery of the vehicle, and helped with documents formalization. Charity givers will further help with the ambulance’s maintenance by buying fuel, spare parts, and medications. The respective memorandum has been already signed between the Foundation and the Barvinkove district hospital.

“Our Foundation’s priority is to provide rural residents with access to quality healthcare. Transfer of the state-of-the-art ambulance to the Barvinkove district is one of the steps on the way to our aim. But we won’t stop there, we will keep on doing our job so that people would enjoy good healthcare service on a daily basis,” stated Valerii Dema, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region. 

“Since Barvinkove district is almost two hundred kilometers away from Kharkiv, this ambulance is of vital importance for it. It provides a real opportunity for our doctors and medical assistants to operatively respond to deterioration of villagers’ health, to arrive faster, to provide qualified medical help even in the most distant villages,” emphasized Foundation’s coordinator in the Barvinkove district Ihor Makarevych.

The Foundation also covered a trip of healthcare specialists of the Barvinkove district hospital to Kyiv, where Canadians held a training session on the use of the special ambulance for healthcare professionals. 

“I have been working as  a driver for 11 years, but this is the first time I see such a high-class vehicle,” shared his impressions Anatolii Zadorozhnii, driver of the Barvinkove central district hospital. “I am heartily thankful to the Foundation and everyone who helped us obtain this ambulance. My emotions run high. This is a super vehicle!”

In addition to Barvinkove district, one more Canadian resuscitation ambulance went to the Pervomaiskyi district. Blyzniuky and Valky districts are the next.