BCG vaccine purchased for 5 districts of Kharkiv region

BCG vaccine purchased for 5 districts of Kharkiv region


Medical institutions of Blyzniukivskyi, Pervomaiskyi, Balakliiskyi, Valkyvskyi and Barvinkivskyi districts received BCG vaccine - 100 doses per district. The vaccine was purchased by The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region.

On August 14, resident of the city of Pervomaiskyi, Iryna gave birth to her third child - daughter Vika. She was released from the maternity ward without anti-tuberculosis shot – there were no vaccination carried out at that moment. And then a month later, the mother with her baby was invited to the district children's clinic to perform BCG vaccination.

"Our nurse has told us that as soon as they start with the vaccination, they will call us - and so they did and we came. I know that these days there are problems with vaccination in general, so I am very grateful for the fact that our district, our hospital has received the vaccine, especially since that every mother is invited individually which is very convenient," - says Iryna.

Regular deliveries of BCG vaccine have stopped in 2014-2015. For a brief period of time there actually was none in Ukraine. Last time medical institutions in Kharkiv region had received BCG vaccine was a year ago - in September 2016. At the moment, that stock is running out, and nobody knows when the next delivery is. In order to avoid a critical situation, The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region has purchased 500 doses of BCG vaccine and distributed them among five districts - Barvinkivskyi, Valkyvskyi, Balakliiskyi, Pervomaiskyi and Blyzniukivskyi. Each of the districts received 100 doses.

"Unfortunately, Ukraine remains one of the leading countries in the prevalence of tuberculosis, in particular its forms that are resistant to drugs. So the risk of infection is really high. In this situation, we simply have to do everything in our power to protect children from this dangerous disease, - says Valerii Dema, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. - Last year within the framework of our program "Kharkiv healthcare for people" the Fund has also purchased BCG vaccine for medical institutions of the region."

"All BCG vaccine we have now is the remains from the last year and the stock we have received from that The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region," - says Larysa Polikova, head doctor of Blyzniukivskyi district hospital. - This vaccine will be used at the maternity ward. Those who gave birth will all receive injections. Thanks to the Fund, we are supplied with the vaccine until somewhere the next year, so for now we at least can stop worrying about this."

According to the BCG vaccination calendar, it is to be performed on babies on their first days of life, and at the age of seven a re-vaccination is to be carried out. But re-vaccination is not necessary for all children.

"Seven-year-olds are vaccinated with BCG vaccine if the Mantoux test is negative, that is, if after the test there is no reaction on the child’s hand. This means that they do not have immunity to tuberculosis, and that's why such children are being revaccinated," - explains Nataliya Yaitska, head nurse of Pervomaiskyi Center for Primary Health Care.

It is extremely important that children receive tuberculosis diagnosis and BCG vaccination in a timely manner. This year, in Blyzniukivskyi district, tuberculosis was detected in a teenager, and in Barvinkivskyi district two children born in 2010 got this decease as well. Usually the cause of infection is direct contact with an adult who has tuberculosis. Vaccination is the only effective way to protect children from this disease.