Children of the Antiterrorist Operation Participants Received Gifts from Saint Nicolas

Children of the Antiterrorist Operation Participants Received Gifts from Saint Nicolas

In the town of Pervomaiskyi representatives of the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region organized a celebration for children whose parents took part in the antiterrorist operation and gave them presents from Saint Nicolas. 42 kids received sweet gifts.

Olha Sokyrko is a happy mother of many children. She and her husband, who is engaged in military actions in the East of Ukraine, bring six children up – the eldest is nine years old and the youngest is only six months. Today Olha along with her infant and the 4-year old son attended the Saint Nicolas Day celebration for children at “Usmishka” kindergarten. The woman confessed that the invitation of the charity givers was a pleasant surprise for her, since her family didn't expect so much attention.

«Our eldest son actively participated in contest games. He was so happy that he jumped, while the youngest watched attentively – it was the first celebration for children in his life. We are so glad that all of our kids received a pack of sweet presents. Since we have a big family, we usually have lack of money to buy enough candies for everyone, because it costs too much,” said the mother of the big family Olha Sokyrko.

At “Usmishka” kindergarten there are eleven children, whose parents take part in the ATO. They were also invited to the celebration and received sweets from Saint Nicolas. Though, some of the little ones got a little embarrassed when there appeared a strange old man with a grey beard.

“At the celebration we had children of different age groups, so younger ones from nursery got scared a little. But when presents were handed out, all of them calmed down realizing that the “old man” was not scary at all.  Children gladly took part in contest games and in the entertainment program,” shared Olha Tsymbalist, Director of the Pervomasikyi Educational Center No.16 “Usmishka”.

Charity givers prepared 42 presents for children, but not all of them came to the celebration. Yet representatives of the Foundation decided that all children need to receive presents and brought the gifts to their homes.