Stereo Systems Presented to Two Cultural Establishments

Stereo Systems Presented to Two Cultural Establishments

Before the winter holidays the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region presented modern stereo systems to the Bohodukhiv District Cultural Center and to the village club of Petrivka in the Shevchenkove district. Thus local talents have been provided with good musical background for their rehearsals and performances at holiday events.

A surprise for “Surprise”. The children’s dance troupe, which gets trained at the Bohodukhiv district cultural center, received an unexpected and much desired present. For two years of its existence the team of young dancers dreamt of some good musical equipment, because their old tape and compact disk recorder used to fail them frequently. Now the dream has come true – the charity givers bought and presented a modern stereo system to the establishment.


“We are so happy to have received the stereo system that “Surprise” dancing troupe dreamt of and waited for so long. The equipment we had was hopelessly outdated, so the leader of the troupe had to bring her own recorder from home. Now we have an up-to-date and powerful stereo system that plays music from a flash device – that’s exactly what we need,” said the director of the Bohodukhiv District Cultural Center Nataliia Tserkovna.
Yuliia Ridkokasha, the artistic director of “Surprise”, is also overwhelmed with joy. Her dancing team has 103 members – children from three and a half to thirteen years old. The young dancers successfully compete at local contests; recently they made their first appearance at the international Dance Song FEST and won the second place. They will find it a lot easier to rehearse and prepare for the next dancing contests.

“We didn't expect such a gift at all. The management of the cultural center has made repairs in our training hall, but they didn’t have money to purchase new equipment. So we didn’t even hope for anything. And then we suddenly receive this wonderful stereo system – it’s so amazing! Thank you so much for such a surprise! Your attention to children is so touching!” said Yulia Ridkokasha, artistic director of the children’s dancing troupe “Surprise”.

Residents of the village of Petrivka in the Shevchenkove district also received a practical present for the New Year and Christmas holidays. The Foundation bought another stereo system for the local club. The best talents of the village will be able to engage it in their performances in the nearest time during holiday celebrations.

“Stereo system is a great anniversary gift for the club – recently we celebrated the club’s 50th anniversary,” said the head of the club in Petrivske Anna Zolotariova. “We are heartily grateful to representatives of the Charitable Foundation on behalf of the entire community and especially on behalf of the local stage talents. We really needed the new equipment. We will be happy to see the charity givers at our concerts and holidays.”