The Fund delivered humanitarian aid to the people of Balakliiskyi district

The Fund delivered humanitarian aid to the people of Balakliiskyi district


Representatives of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region delivered humanitarian aid to the evacuation point, organized at the agricultural lyceum in Petrivske village of Balakliiskyi district. Over a hundred residents from Balakliiskyi district who had to leave their homes due to explosions at the ammunition depot nearby found temporary shelter.

Cereals and instant soups, sugar, tea, coffee, canned goods, hygiene products, diapers, baby food - all procured by Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Service to support the evacuees. The Hungarians have entrusted the delivery of this humanitarian aid to their local partner – The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. The Foundation made its contribution (vegetable oil, cereals, pasta), to the aid and delivered it to Petrivske village. There are three evacuation points deployed in the village: one in the agricultural lyceum, one in local school and one in hospital. More than two hundred evacuees from Balakliiskyi district found shelter in these points, and those for whom there wasn’t enough space were taken in by locals.

"When the first explosions in Balakliiskyi district were heard at night around 6 AM we had already started receiving evacuees. On the same day we managed to organize breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the evacuees, - says Deputy Director of the Agricultural Lyceum of Petrivskii village, Lyudmila Nazarko. - School buses drove along the streets of the village and locals shown great care and love and shared all they could: potatoes, onions, carrots, milk and bacon. Later, The Foundation brought oil, cereals, pasta, etc. So we managed to feed around 200 people, including those taken in by locals.

Balakliiskyi district residents Olena and Anatolyi Sapozhnikov have been staying at the evacuation point in the Lyceum since the first day of the tragedy. The couple had nowhere to go from the city, which was shaking from the explosions, so the hospitality and sympathy of residents of Petrivske came as a real salvation for them.

"The explosions started at half past two AM. We jumped to our feet and rushed outside almost naked, barefoot, only having grabbed our documents, and ran to the town square. There were buses provided by the administration to evacuate people and we were taken to Petrivske. We are very grateful to locals who have managed to arrange accommodation, care and food for us, which was very nice of them. We would also like to thank those who provided humanitarian aid, my God bless them with good health!" – heartily says resident of Balakliiskyi district, Olena Sapozhnikova.

Representatives of The Fund in the agricultural lyceum distributed 120 packages of Hungarian humanitarian aid, each package containing food and hygiene products. Meanwhile, the numbers of people in the evacuation points are gradually diminishing, the evacuees are returning to their homes to begin repairs after the damage caused by shells.