Kids of Anti-Terrorist Operation Combatants Enjoying Free Rest at Barvinok

Kids of Anti-Terrorist Operation Combatants Enjoying Free Rest at Barvinok

Barvinok recreation camp in the Barvinkove district welcomed the second shift for more than two dozens of children of anti-terrorist operation combatants. Their vouchers have been covered by the DAR Charitable Foundation, a co-founder of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region.


Just like the first time, 65 kids arrived for the second shift. They were warmly welcomed by the camp’s team and each of them received a bright T-shirt with a “Barvinok Camp” print and a tie. Children were divided into four teams each including boys and girls of different age. The camp’s experience shows that such format is the best – younger kids strive to be like their elder friends, thus they acquire new skills and knowledge faster, whereas elder kids, while helping the younger ones, learn how to be more responsible and caring. Children feel safe in such a family-like environment and become more confident, which is especially important for the kids, whose parents are in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone.

 “We decided to patronize these children, because not many families have means to buy a camp voucher. Our Foundation addressed the ATO Veterans Union for the list of kids that need to have their health improved. These children come from various districts of the Kharkiv region, among them there are also kids, whose parents, most regrettably, were killed in battle. Currently there is 21 child like this in the camp; 20 more children of ATO combatants will arrive for the third shift,” shared Valentyna Podhorna, Chairman of the Management Board of the DAR Charitable Foundation.


Barvinok has everything necessary for health improvement, distraction from anxiety, fun and quality time. New interesting events are prepared for the camp kids on a daily basis; they can among other play tennis, volleyball, basketball, and football, as well as attend modeling, drawing, dancing, or vocal classes. Those who admire intellectual battles may take part in chess or checkers competitions.

A shift lasts for 20 days that will bring lots of wonderful surprises for children including the “I-Generation” training and educational program developed by the benefactors.