The Foundation Presented Toys and Furniture to a Kindergarten in Barvinkove

The Foundation Presented Toys and Furniture to a Kindergarten in Barvinkove


New furniture and toys for the new study year. The Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region purchased a module sofa set and bright toys for the Prominets kindergarten in Barvinkove. It didn't wait until the 1st of September and presented the gifts right after the purchase, so that the little ones would not have to wait to use the furniture and play.


Such positive developments in the kindergarten were initiated by the parents, whose children study in the “Sonechko” group. Larysa Kutomanova, a member of the parents committee, told that this group’s room was in the most disastrous condition, that’s why it was decided to improve it. No capital repairs have been made in the kindergarten over the past 40 years, because it simply had no funds for them, so the parents had to resolve the issue on their own. Thus, they started asking for help everywhere they could and had some luck.


“The Barvinkove city mayor helped us a lot and gave us a nice sum of money. We used this money to install the suspended ceiling, to hang fresh wallpapers in all rooms, to change tiles and to repair two bathrooms. Thus, we made a perfect repair, yet kept the old furniture, because there was no money left. Then we applied to representatives of the Foundation, who also agreed to help and bought a module set with toys for kids,” said a member of the parents committee Larysa Kutomanova



The furniture presented by the Foundation was a finishing touch that emphasized the excellence of the repair and the new cozy environment. This group is the best in the kindergarten now! The furniture’s sustainability was tested by kids immediately – the table and the benches proved to be comfortable and safe. The children also liked their new toys – girls set down to play the kitchen set, and boys – the construction set and balls. The happy faces of kids are the best proof that the charity-givers made the right choice of gifts.


“There is a terrible lack of the state financing, but it should be no obstacle for the education of our children. That is why the Foundation supports pre-school establishments and schools of Barvinkove in many ways, like buying equipment, toys, or construction and repair materials. We try to meet the most urgent needs. For example, Prominets kindergarten urgently needs a freezer, so its purchase is under the Foundation’s consideration,” stated Ihor Makarevych, the Foundation’s representative in the Barvinkove district.     


Grateful parents and children of the kindergarten made a very pleasant surprise for the charity-givers; the little ones declared a touching poem and members of the parents committee treated them with the delicious “sunny” cookies.