“Vich-Na-Vich” – Supporting the Interaction Festival of the Sighted with the Blind

“Vich-Na-Vich” – Supporting the Interaction Festival of the Sighted with the Blind


The first festival of interaction between the sighted and the blind people “Vich-Na-Vich” (Vis-a-Vis) will be taking place at the Kharkiv Museum of Literature on the 17th of May. The Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region is one of the festival’s partners.

Organizers of the festival emphasize that the event is unique, because it does not simply engage people with visual impairment, the festival also offers an opportunity for them to freely interact with the sighted people.

Each of us knows people like this and we are used to the fact, but we rarely pay attention to them. It seems to us that they live in their own separate world, which does not correlate with ours. But the truth is that they have their own interests and desires. “Vich-Na-Vich” is not just a festival for the blind, it implies communication of people with visual impairments with people who have no sight defects, because we all live in the same city and may happen to have common interests and needs,” told the festival’s organizer Serhii Zhadan.

Moreover, participation in the festival is an opportunity for the blind people to integrate in the community life.

This is a crucial event for participants with sight defects, because they will be able to prove one more time that they are able to integrate in society and share their talents or a part of their heart,” stressed the Head of the Non-Governmental Organization of Blind Lawyers Oleh Lepetiuk.

The Charitable Foundation of Social Development is one of the sponsors and partners of the festival.

“Since the Museum of Literature is a state-financed institution, we addressed our friends. I want to specifically mention the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region. These people do a lot of useful things. After they learnt about our program they gave us support, for which we are very thankful,” emphasized Serhii Zhadan.

“People with physical disabilities must not feel that they are unneeded or defective. That is why we stand in support of any measures facilitating their integration in society. This festival is an opportunity to make a statement about the socialization problem of the blind and bring about the fashion for tolerant and respectful attitude towards such people. We hope that after a while the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities will become more adjusted to the needs of those, who have poor or no sight at all, or those with any other impairment,” stated Yevhen Shapoval, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region.

According to organizers, each of the suggested parts of the festival program has a specific target.

We wanted to show, how blind children perceive cartoons or how to cook meals without using your sight, or, eventually, how to read a book... Because usually we don’t think about how it all happens,” said Oleh Lepetiuk.

This will be a full day event. The program for children will begin at 10 a.m. in the morning, and for adults – in the afternoon.