Foundation’s New Year Greetings to Residents of the Kharkiv Region

Foundation’s New Year Greetings to Residents of the Kharkiv Region


2015 will always be a special year for the Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region, because it is the year of its establishment. The society urgently needed help, and there it arrived. The Foundation started taking care of ordinary people and villagers, who have found themselves outside the scope of attention of both the government and authorities.

A number of social projects were launched to improve the life of villagers and help them survive hard times. We are proud of our Medical Service in the Village program that gives an opportunity to thousands of rural citizens to be consulted by the leading Kharkiv doctors and examined with the use of modern equipment. It is our hope that the job-creation program for villages will bring positive outcome and that Kharkiv region will boast new successful enterprises soon. We look forward to hearing the Ukrainian radio broadcasting in the most distant villages.

Every “thank you” we hear, every smile or tear of happiness we see on somebody’s face is the best evidence that the Foundation is doing a good job. This inspires us to progress and look for the new ways of giving help, as well as to improve our existing projects. We thank you for your trust!

We all dream of a miracle in the New Year. We wish all residents of Kharkiv and the region that Santa brings them peace, joy and wellbeing in his sack. For a miracle to happen in 2016, an individual’s life must become the highest value for our country; people must enjoy their right to fulfilling and worthy living; ordinary villagers must have access to the blessings of the civilized living in the city, such as comfortable and speedy transportation, high quality medical service, good salaries and reliable social security.

We are convinced that the times when people felt helpless and neglected by the state will surely pass. Both in the Kharkiv region and all over Ukraine there come up more and more active people, who don’t wait for any help from the top, but take the initiative to gradually change our country for better. This makes us hopeful that in the nearest future our life in the native country will improve to such an extent that there will be no need in the Foundation’s help. We really hope that this will be the case. Until then we promise you our support and assistance.

Happy New Year, our countryman! Have happy and unforgettable New Year holidays!