The Foundation Bought a Multimedia Projector for a School in Shulske

The Foundation Bought a Multimedia Projector for a School in Shulske

The school in the village of Shulske (Pervomaiskyi district) received a modern multimedia projector as a present from the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region. The new equipment will help the local teaching team diversify the studying process and make it more interesting and rich in content.

The educational establishment in Shulske is a primary and secondary school with 57 pupils. It also has a kindergarten with 26 kids. Just like the majority of educational establishments in villages, it is poorly equipped with technology. Yet local teachers strive to move with the time and use up-to-date teaching techniques and tools. School’s facilitator Tetiana Ivanova is always bringing something interesting and new to her students. On her own she shoots and composes teaching videos on different topics. Using the projector that was presented by the Foundation, she can show these visual materials on a big screen now.

“It’s the time of computerization and modernization. Our facilitator organizes a lot of different educational events, makes presentations and videos. One needs a projector in order to show all of that to children, but we had no financial possibility to purchase it. So we are very grateful to the Foundation for such a timely present! It is our desire to make studying richer in content and more interactive, which is extremely interesting for rural kids,” said the director ofschool in Shulske Iryna Honcharova.

Currently the establishment is taking part in the contest of video greetings that was organized in the Pervomaiskyi district by the Foundation for Social Development. According to requirements of the contest, one has to shoot a video greeting the Ukrainians or anti-terrorist operation fighters with winter holidays and submit it to representatives of the Foundation. With schoolers joining the shooting, the video from the Shulske school has already been delivered to organizers. Results of the contest will be announced after Christmas. The winners will be determined based on the voting in social networks where the video greetings will be posted. We wish luck to all contest participants!


Znamia Truda