The Foundation Helped Equip Kids from IDPs Families for School

The Foundation Helped Equip Kids from IDPs Families for School


School began with a new outfit and a bag filled with stationary set. In the Borova district representatives of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region helped equip three schoolchildren from families of the internally displaced people for school

 Former Luhansk citizen Alina Rudak started school this year. Parents wanted to make it a real holiday for her, but they were not able to equip their daughter for school on their own. They simply had no money for the new suit, bag and shoes. The family rents a modest housing in the village of Pidlyman and survives by doing odd jobs. They had to ask charity givers for help to equip the girl for school.

 “Education must be available to every child, whatever its life circumstances. We have been addressed by the families from Pidlyman and Borova. So we equipped three children for school by purchasing clothes, stationary supplies, and bags. It was done within the scope of program for children realized by the Charitable Foundation of Social Development,” said the Foundation’s coordinator in the Borova district Svitlana Krykun.

 “If it wasn’t for help of the charity givers, I don’t know what my daughter would be wearing to school. Now she has everything necessary – a winter jacket, a hat, a pair of shoes, as well as exercise books and pencils. Thank you so much for your support; the girl likes the school and attends her lessons gladly,” stated the first-grader’s mother Inna Rudak.

 Earlier the Foundation provided finances to repair the community center in the village of Pisky-Radkivski, where one intended to organize dancing classes for children. The repair will be finished soon, and the dancing club will open in October.