The Foundation Organized a Meeting with a Football Star for Barvinok Kids

The Foundation Organized a Meeting with a Football Star for Barvinok Kids


Bright emotions belong to children.A special guestOleksandr Horiaiinov – the legendarygoalkeeper of the Metalist football club – was invited by the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region to visit the recreation camp Barvinok. Along with his wife Nelli and representatives of the Foundation, he took part in the opening of the third camp shift and had enthusiastic conversations with its young visitors.


“When did you start playing football? What will happen to Metalist? The match with what famous team have you remembered best?” there is no wonder that the star guest was barely able to answer all questions of the curious kids. Talking to the living football legend from Kharkiv is a rare opportunity; that is why children did their best to take advantage of it. After the opening celebration of the third shift and the giving of presents – drawing sets brought by the Foundation’s representatives – Oleksandr Horiaiinov held a master class for football lovers and showed a number of interesting kicks. Then there was a real photo- and autograph signing session with the star. The Metalist goalkeeper put his signature on dozens of T-shirts, whereas kids took pictures with him. According to Oleksandr, it was a great pleasure for him to interact with Barvinok guests.


“I liked the camp. It’s clean and cozy; there are sports grounds and a lake in the near. The kids are simply fabulous; they are joyful, friendly, and active. Well done! It is my wish that they go in for sports, love sports, and win many victories in their lives. I also wish them good rest at the Barvinok camp!” said the football player.


For children, the meeting with the star was a remarkable event. The eight-year old Dima Myronov, who dreams of journalism carrier, didn't only take an autograph, but also took an interview with the legendary goalkeeper for the camp’s newspaper Barvinok. Despite his embarrassment and a lack of experience, the boy was pleased with his efforts and did a good job. There is only one thing left – to prepare the interview for print.


“I didn't expect that such a famous football player will visit our camp. It was very interesting to talk to him and ask questions. Oleksandr Horiaiinov is cool! This is the first interview in my life and I really hope that all of you will like it,” said Dima Myronov.


Just like for the previous shifts, 65 boys and girls arrived for the third shift to Barvinok. Kids, whose parents take part in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), consisted one third of them. Their camp vouchers were covered by the DAR Charitable Foundation, one of the cofounders of the Social Development Foundation. All-in-all, Barvinok has welcomed almost two hundred children from different districts of the Kharkiv region this summer.