Play and Learn: Exciting adventures of pupils at the camp "Barvinok"

Play and Learn: Exciting adventures of pupils at the camp


Every day there is a new entertainment and educational program. For a whole week graduates of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership have conducted various classes and organized games for pupils at the "Barvinok" camp, thanks to which the children did not only have great fun but also expanded their horizons. 

Quests, quizzes, contests, sports and intellectual competitions - the leisure of "Barvinok" kids turned out to be very full and interesting. Graduates of the UAL made sure that every child could choose an entertaining activity that would be interesting for them. For girls there were master classes on weaving bracelets and dolls, and for boys there were push-ups and sit-ups competitions, and for the most restless - a variety of games all of which involve a lot of movement. Also - a show of talents with prizes, a "What? Where? When?" game, a contest of poems and posters "Ukraine of my dream" and much more.

"I really like the camp, especially my new friends, guides and disco. I liked the program from the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership, most of all - the game "Morgalky" and master classes on acting. "Barvinok" does not have what I would not like," - says 9-year-old Angelina.

The UAL graduates came to "Barvinok" at the invitation from The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, which is a partner of the camp. Having successfully made their debut on the first session, these proactive young people continued to work with children the next session as well. And although for the second session they were returning to an already familiar place, they were still quite anxious to meet the children, as the UAL graduates have confessed themselves.

"We are from Lviv, and therefore, there is a very large contrast in communication for us here. At first it was tough: we did not know how children would perceive us, how they would understand the Ukrainian language, but all fears were in vain. Kids are calm and polite, easy to organize, easy to communicate with. Although, they do not know many things, and are very surprised to learn them - for example, about the Ukrainian amulets and handwoven dolls the children have learned from us for the first time. We had to simplify the program a bit for it to fit them better. Children perceive new information best through quests and quizzes, so we have added more entertainment elements to the program," - says UAL graduate, Natalka Shyshkovska

The "Barvinok" staff is very pleased with such assistants: young people from the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership have significantly diversified and enriched the camp's entertainment program, adding a lot to it.

"They are good, kind, and show responsible attitude towards what they do. It's a pity that we had only a week - the kids would be glad to spend more time with them. Kids especially liked to make handwoven dolls - we haven’t had anything like this before," - says director of "Barvinok", Lydia Yefremova

Meanwhile, the rest at the camp continues. Kids won’t see boredom any time soon: a participant of one of the singing talent shows has to arrive with a concert to "Barvinok", and an interesting excursion to Sviatohirsk Lavra is also planned out for the kids.