The Foundation’s Initiative of Drastic Changes in the Rural Healthcare

The Foundation’s Initiative of Drastic Changes in the Rural Healthcare


Rural healthcare problems of today like a heavy burden are faced by almost every Ukrainian villager. And the talks about healthcare reformation are mere talks …

The situation is only deteriorating as the years pass – the financing is decreased, medical staff of outpatient and primary healthcare units is reduced, and the equipment depreciates. Year after year these problems like waves keep on coming over one after another threatening to turn into social tsunami and destroy the Ukrainian village completely.

Even now the village population is decreasing catastrophically, because youth runs away to cities not only for social reasons, but also because of the lack of quality medical care. So lack of systemic changes in the field of medical care quite literally endangers the development and even existence of the agricultural sector, which for the time-being is one the most promising branches of the Ukrainian economy.

That’s exactly the reason why activities of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region are first of all aimed to improve the medical service and generate workplaces in the rural area, which is impossible without an active stand of the community.

Last week the Foundation’s team of doctors visited the Tokarivka village in the Derhachi district, which may serve as a good example of the community’s influence on the problem resolution. Villagers have been proactive in expressing their requirements for and needs in the rural outpatient clinic repair to deputies of the village and district. And they received what they wanted! Four years ago local authorities have made a complete repair of the outpatient unit building, furnished the rooms with new furniture, as well as provided computer and other equipment. Here they have water supply, wastewater disposal, quality plumbing fixtures, almost every room is equipped with a washstand. There are as many as eight medical care workers, who even have a vehicle at their disposal to come for patients’ calls.

Employees of the rural outpatient clinic warmly welcomed their colleagues from the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region. In their professional opinion, the initiative to create mobile teams of professional doctors and visit villages is exactly what the villagers need and what will substantially help the rural medical care establishments.

The Foundation’s medical team that arrived in Tokarivka consisted of a cardiologist, a gynecologist, a breast physician, a traumatologist, an ophthalmologist, and an ultrasound examination specialist. As always they came with their portable modern equipment, including the U/S scanner, the cardiograph and the equipment for taking a blood sugar test.

In one day the doctors have seen as many as 229 people. “We are very glad to see the doctors of the Charitable Foundation”, assured Tokarivka citizens almost in one voice. And this is no surprise, because everyone willing could have a free-of-charge comprehensive examination with the use of equipment, which is so hard to find in the rural area, without standing in endless lines, as the case may be at Kharkiv hospitals. And they didn’t have to spend time on traveling! Oftentimes one has lack of both time and money to do that.

Patients also recognized the surprisingly careful and friendly attitude of doctors. As for medical staff of the rural outpatient unit, they actively assisted the Foundation’s team. As they said, they saw no competitors in colleagues from the Foundation, on the contrary they offered them assistance not only by examining the patients in order to help them see the full picture of the villagers’ health condition, but also by doing a great deal of work to prevent diseases.

Tokarivka villagers agreed that the healthcare situation in the rural area could be dramatically changed if local healthcare practitioners were assisted by mobile teams with portable equipment on a regular basis.

Mind of People

“It’s like the healthcare of the future”

Liubov Huseva, a pensioner:

“I am very thankful to doctors of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region. Now I don’t have to travel to Kharkiv in order to make a cardiogram or have an ultrasound check-up, which I planned to do in autumn. The doctors are very attentive and friendly. When a doctor talks to you kindly, it gives a way for open conversation and the patient will tell more about the symptoms and the condition of his/her health. Then the doctor will be able to better diagnose. That is why I pay so much attention to the doctor’s humane attitude towards a patient. And if the doctor also proves to be professional, then he or she is a unique specialist. That’s the kind of doctors, who arrived to us. I wish they would visit our village next year as well!”

Yuliia Perepelytsia, a housewife:

“I don’t really have any problems with my health, but I try to have regular check-ups in order to prevent them. I seldom manage to have a comprehensive examination and visit several doctors at a time. And suddenly – what a luck! I am very happy to have had such a quick and free check-up with several doctors at once and made a cardiogram and U/S. It’s like the healthcare of the future. I’m sincerely thankful to the Foundation for their care for us.”

Tetiana Nekhailenko, pensioner:

“I was checked by all specialists in order to have the most complete examination. I liked that the process was very fast, without long lines, and that the medical staff was friendly, gave undivided attention and was willing to spend their time on me. It was unusual to obtain electrocardiogram results almost immediately and to not wait for a long time in queues, as it is practiced at hospitals. The specialists are good, caring and respectful. Come over again!”

Halyna Savchuk, healthcare assistant of the Kharkiv regional psychiatric hospital No.1:

“I was very happy about the arrival of doctors from the Charitable Foundation’s team. I visited all specialists for the preventive check-ups. Thank you so much for such an opportunity!

There are many children in our village, whose parents would be glad to have them checked-up by a pediatrician. We do hope that this wasn’t the last visit of the Foundation’s doctors and that next time they will bring a pediatrician also.”

Vasyl Mykhailenko