Providing Villagers with Quality Medical Service

Providing Villagers with Quality Medical Service


The Charity Organization “Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region” carries on the implementation of the program that provides rural primary healthcare units and outpatient clinics with the primary medical aid. Recently the doctors paid an on-site village to the family outpatient clinic in Petrivka village.

“This is our second time in the village,” said Iryna, a volunteer and a leader of the medical team. “The medical team composition is determined on a case-by-case basis, with due consideration of preferences of on-site healthcare specialists. This time villagers have been visited by the following doctors from regional medical establishments – a cardiologist, a gynecologist, an ophthalmologist, a traumatologist, and an ultrasound diagnostician. The patients could have an internal ultrasound examination, do a cardiogram, or take a quick blood sugar test for free.”

The interviewee mentioned that, first of all, medical professionals offer consultations to their visitors and, if necessary, give recommendations regarding detailed examination.

As for the medications, they give preference to the nationally produced drugs with affordable prices.

On-site visits of specialists from the regional center are highly appreciated by the villagers.

"Our family doctor Olena Kryhyna serves five villages – Petrivka, Balky, Lypianka, Berezivka, and Sosnivka,” said the resident of the village Lidiia Ustych. “There is no one else to consult us if she’s on vocations. If we have no reference, we will not be accepted at the district hospital. And these doctors provide fast and convenient medical check-ups without any unnecessary rush or toils.”

In order to do an ultrasound examination at the central district hospital one has to visit it at least twice – first, to schedule an appointment, second, to stand in a huge line while waiting for the appointment,” joined our conversation Lidiia’s fellow-villager Yuliia Shatkovska. “Here the entire process takes half an hour at the most.”

Petrivka villagers are thankful to organizers and all of them have the same wish – to have doctors visit them like this as often as possible. Moreover they ask to expand the medical team and include an otorhinolaryngologist next time.

Our main task is to provide the underprivileged population with the affordable and quality medical service,” mentioned Liudmyla Borozdina, who is in charge of the healthcare program of the CH “Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region”. “Besides Petrivka mobile teams of doctors have also visited Mykolo-Komyshuvate, Natalyne, and Popivka villages, and they are not about to stop.

Nataliia Yurieva