Canadian ambulance - safeguarding health of residents of Valkyvskyi district

Canadian ambulance - safeguarding health of residents of Valkyvskyi district


The Canadian reanimobile, serving Valkyvskyi district hospital, continues to successfully transport patients in need of specialized medical care. Last week, the car has delivered bedridden patients to Kharkiv twice - a pensioner with a spinal hernia and a doctor suspected of having a stroke. 

The transportation of the 65-year-old Valkyvskyi district resident was a planned one. The man has a long history of health problems: he suffered two strokes, a heart attack, and recently got spinal hernia. On June 27th, the patient was carefully put in the Canadian reanimobile and taken to Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital for examination.

"Because of hernia, the man couldn’t walk, therefore, it was necessary to transport him on a stretcher in a soft car. In addition, the patient had a severe pain syndrome - it was necessary to transport him very carefully, - says Bogdan Nosatov, head doctor of Valkyvskyi CDH. - In the regional hospital, the man was operated, and now he is recuperating after the surgery. Soon, he will be taken back via Canadian car also."

On the other hand a 55-year-old neuropathologist had to be transported by the employees of the Valkyvskyi CDH in an emergency. The trouble happened to this man at home: in the middle of the night he has got very bad, he lost control of the left side of his body and for the most part – the ability to speak. An ambulance delivered the patient to the nearest medical facility - the district hospital, where he was given primary care. On the morning of June 30, colleagues sent him via the Canadian reanimobile to the regional hospital to determine if he had a hemorrhage with an MRI. Fortunately, it was not the case.

"Specialists of the regional hospital have excluded the brain hemorrhage, and are waiting for the results of repeated MRI. So, in a timely manner, the patient received primary care in the local hospital, and was sent to Kharkiv. It's good that we have the specialized Canadian car - it is indispensable when transporting patients with a suspicion of a stroke," - says Bogdan Nosatov.

The reanimobile used by Valkyvskyi Central District Hospital, is a gift from Canada. In February this year, this specialized vehicle was transferred to the medical institution by a Canadian partner – The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. In five months, the reanimobile has carried out about 20 trips, including several emergent ones