Memorandum of The Fund in action: Canadian ambulance got repaired

Memorandum of The Fund in action: Canadian ambulance got repaired


The reanimobile, donated by Canada and delivered to Barvinkivskyi District Hospital in February, is working again after an unfortunate malfunction. The repairs of the specialized car were organized and paid for by The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region.

This Canadian car has already saved one life in Barvinkivskyi district, but some time after the successful debut the car suddenly ceased to start. The management of the Barvinkivskyi District Hospital applied for assistance to The Fund, with the assistance of which the reanimobile has returned to the vehicle fleet of the medical institution once again.

"When the car was transferred to our hospital, we have signed a memorandum of cooperation with The Fund. This document stipulates that in case of technical problems The Fund will help to solve them. And it really helped," - says head doctor of Barvinkivskyi CDH, Oleksandr Khaleev.

In order to repair the reanimobile, it was necessary to transport it from Barvinkivskyi district to Kharkiv. It turned out that the problem was in the fuse box. Kharkiv specialists quickly eliminated the malfunction, and the car has managed the way back on its own.

"The Canadian side has entrusted our Fund with the transfer of these cars to the district hospitals in Kharkiv Region, so we feel the responsibility for their effective use," - says Chairman of the Management Board of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, Yevhen Shapoval.

"For Barvinkivskyi district, which is located almost two hundred kilometers from Kharkiv, the presence of such a car is extremely important. After all, in critical cases, careful and quick transportation of the patient can save them life," - notes coordinator of The Fund in Barvinkivskyi district, Igor Makarevich.

In late January, Canada gave Ukraine ten reanimobiles, four of which Kharkiv region received. The Fund transferred these cars to the Barvinkivskyi, Valkyvskyi, Pervomaiskyi and Blyzniukivskyi district hospitals.