Residents of a nursing home got provided with glasses

Residents of a nursing home got provided with glasses


The benefactors have fulfilled their promise: single elderly living in social institution in the village of Grushine of Pervomaiskyi district got provided with reading glasses. The glasses were made for each individual under medical prescriptions written by the highly qualified ophthalmologist visiting and consulting at the institution.

Being 78-years-old, Emma is putting on glasses for the first time – her eyesight is bad, but she did not have the possibility to treat it in time. Today, her elderly face is glowing with joy: she can read her favorite books once more. This old lady has been living in the nursing home almost since its opening and reading is one of the few ways of entertainment available to her.

"I want to remember my childhood again and feel like a little girl. So I am going to read fairy tales - really love them," – the granny confesses.

In addition to Emma, three other residents of the institution who were also in need of optical correction of eyesight have received their own glasses. They immediately tried the glasses on and tried reading newspapers to test the glasses in practice. Everyone was very satisfied.

"It is a great joy for our wards. We thank our partner, The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, for their attention to the elderly. It is very important for them to know that they are not forgotten and that they are cared for," - says head of the institution, Anna Volovik.

The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region took part in the creation of the nursing home and now it provides comprehensive support to its residents.

"These elderly people have worked hard for many years, cultivated fields, milked cows and taught the village children, and now they are forced to live out their lives all alone. Our task is to provide them with a dignified life at old age, comfort and support them in difficult times," - says coordinator of The Fund in Pervomaiskyi district, Mykola Tarasenko.

The home for the elderly was created in the village of Grushine in Pervomaiskyi district at the former kindergarten. It opened after a renovation of the building in autumn of 2016. Today it is home to seven seniors, and the facility has the capacity to simultaneously accommodate 16 people.