Waters Cleaning Is Still Under Way with New Districts Joining the Project

Waters Cleaning Is Still Under Way with New Districts Joining the Project

Communities of 8 more districts wished to join the waters and beaches cleaning project that was launched this summer by the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region. The amphibian vehicle, used by the charity givers to bring the near-shore area in order, has already done a good job in the Balakleia district.

“This used to be a sandy beach, but in the past couple of years no one took care of it; so it was overgrown with bulrush and weeds and its waters silted up heavily. Now the beach is only 10 meters long. In summer, a lot of people come here and there’s not enough place for everyone at times,” said Yurii Tkach, a representative of the Foundation of Social Development in the Balakleia district.

When he learned about the waters cleaning project, the headman of Petrivske Volodymyr Fomenko applied to the charity givers on behalf of the community and asked to clean zaiachyi beach. The Foundation decided to not wait for the next summer and did a part of the cleaning works in October, because the amphibian vehicle operates well even in autumn chills

The wonder machine did its job excellentlyWiththehelpofaspecialtoolit has cut bulrush and weeds, as well as pumped out mud from the bottom of the riverThus, it managed to clean up the beach area of about 80 meters.But it’s not the end – the works will continue in spring.

 We already arranged that a local agricultural company will bring sand here.Wewilluseabulldozertospreaditandmakeafull-scalebeach, said the Foundation’s representative in the Balakleia district Yurii Tkach.


In the next few days the amphibian vehicle will go to the Lozova district. It will clean up two civil beaches. Such districts as Shevchenkove, Pervomaiskyi, Vovchansk, Borova, Valky, and Kolomaka will also join the project.