Pensioners to Receive Free District Newspapers

Pensioners to Receive Free District Newspapers

The Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region covered the newspaper subscription for the indigent residents of the Blyzniuky and Pervomaiskyi districts. 625 people will be receiving local press free of charge.

For almost 90 years residents of the Blyzniuky district learned about district news from pages of the Nove Zhyttia (New Life) newspaper. Throughout its long history the newspaper has changed its name several times and recovered from forced breaks in its release, but it always managed to preserve its reading audience. Even today, in the age of television and internet, the newspaper is still popular among citizens of the district. Yet, not all readers can afford its subscription.

“The majority of our readers are elderly people and war-affected persons. Now they are the most vulnerable social groups receiving miniscule pensions and no help, which was promised by the state. They simply have no money to buy the newspaper subscription, moreover its price doubled in the new year. Thus we applied to the Foundation for Social Development with a request to support these people and give them a chance to further read their favorite press. The benefactors have already paid for 575 copies of the newspaper to be released in the first quarter of 2017. We thank you so much for that and hope for the ongoing cooperation,” said the chief editor of the Nove Zhyttianewspaper Iryna Voronkina.

50 residents of the Pervomaiskyi district – disabled people, war-affected people, and financially disadvantaged citizens – will be receiving the local newspaper free of charge as well. The Foundation bought a six-month subscription to the district newspaper Znamia Truda for them.