Canadian Ambulance Helped Rescue a Child

Canadian Ambulance Helped Rescue a Child


Canadian resuscitation ambulance, which was transferred to the Barvinkove district hospital by the Charitable Foundation for Social Development of the Kharkiv Region, showed itself in action. A 4-year old girl from the village of Havrylivka was the first patient the ambulance transported to Kharkiv. 

The child was almost in collapse when delivered to the Barvinkove district hospital. She was very pale, inert, and had extremely low blood-pressure and slow heartbeat. The parents were unable to explain what happened to the girl, so the doctors proceeded with urgent treatment.

“They put her on a drip and the child’s condition improved, she began to talk. It appeared that while playing the girl swallowed some pills. At home relatives found an empty box of “Nimez” – an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug,” said the pediatrician of the Barvinkove CDH Valentyna Cherednichenko.

The doctor said that even a small dose of this medication could lead to lethal complications. That is why the decision was to stabilize the child’s condition and take her to Kharkiv, where they have everything necessary for treatment of such patients.

“We called the intensive care department of the 1st children’s hospital, agreed the girl’s hospitalization, put her in the ambulance, and sent to Kharkiv. The child remained on drip during transportation; she was accompanied by an anesthesiologist and a medical assistant. Despite horrible roads, they arrived very quickly – in just three hours,” stated the chief medical officer of the Barvinkove CDH Oleksandr Khalieiev.

The girl’s condition stabilized; there is no threat to her life now.