Preparation of children's and public beaches for the summer has begun

Preparation of children's and public beaches for the summer has begun


The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region continues to improve places of public recreation near waterside. Amphibian vehicle Truxor, used to mow cane and to pump out silt from the bottom of water beds, is currently operating in Lozivskyi district. Two children's beaches are set in order already, next - central municipal beach in Lozova.

In the summer, the most popular among the residents of Lozova and the district is a recreational place - picturesque Brytayske reservoir. On its banks there are tourist facilities and children's camps, as well as the only official beach of Lozivskyi district. To prepare the coast for the new season, the benefactors brought here a specialized vehicle that can mow cane both on land and in water.

"Knowing that The Fund is implementing a project for the purification of reservoirs, local residents turned to us for help. People complained that access to water was hampered by the cane thickets and asked us to fix it," - says coordinator of The Fund in the city of Lozova and Lozivskyi district, Oleg Kladchenko.

The first one to get cleared of cane and silt was the beach of the children's camp "Brytai", where in summer children from Lozova are having their recreation. On the coast near the camp, the amphibious vehicle eliminated all of the unnecessary vegetation, and also cleaned the water bed.

The same kind of work was carried out at the beach of the sport center "Spartanets", which will for the first time receive pupils from the local sports club "Grand Sport Elite" this year. For children engaged in free fight and artistic gymnastics, training sessions will be organized here. This is a great opportunity to combine preparation for competitions with recreation, as the sports club representatives note.

"Children will have 2-3 workouts a day - which is a serious strain. Therefore, it was important for us to prepare the beach to emotionally unload the children, provide them with a pleasant and healthy recreation. The coastal zone was launched unprepared, but thanks to The Fund it was put in order eventually: the amphibian vehicle has cleared everything, and we brought to the beach 3 trucks’ worth of sand," - says head of the sports club "Grand Sport Elite", Sergii Nekrasov.

Next it is planned to improve the central municipal beach, where in summer residents of Lozove and the district are spending holidays. After that, the amphibious vehicle will be transported to Barvinkivskyi district, to the village of Kurulka, where the children's camp "Barvinok" is located. Near the camp there is a beach, which will also be prepared for the swimming season.

The amphibious vehicle will work in Kharkiv region throughout the summer. Cleaning works in the reservoirs are performed free of charge within the framework of the respective charitable project of The Fund.