Villagers to doctors: "Please come, so that we can be healthy!"

Villagers to doctors:


Mobile medical team of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region visited Yakovenkove village in Balakliiskyi district. The doctors examined here dozens of local residents, and the neuropathologist also consulted at home a post-stroke patient.

As many people, as came to charity health check in the Yakovenkove outpatient clinic of family health have only come before during the epidemic of influenza and URI. To see Kharkiv specialists there came pensioners, young people, and mothers with children. Someone came with a preventive goal in mind just to check their health, and someone - with a specific problem.

"My eyesight is already getting worse, my back and legs hurt – that’s why I came for this health check. I really liked it: the doctors are competent, attentive. Thank you for coming to us," - says resident of Yakovenkove, Olena Kryvonis. - It's not convenient at all to go from the village to the district hospital, as the buses have a terrible schedule: at six in the morning a bus goes to Balakliia, but it returns only at six o'clock in the evening. So you have to take a taxi or hitchhike. And here you can just come to the village outpatient clinic - and by the afternoon you can pass all the specialists."

Pensioner Anatolii Ilyich comes to a charity health check for the second time - last year a medical team from The Fund also worked at Yakovenkove. That time the man was very pleased with the advice he received. He followed the recommendations all year round, and now he decided to see the specialists again to find out whether it is necessary to adjust the treatment.

"All is well, I liked the reception, and the doctors are very nice. It is very important that they come to us. Why? So that we can be healthier! For us, pensioners, it is difficult to travel to Balakliia, and it is hard to see doctors there - the queues are long. We have learned that specialists from Kharkiv will arrive and so we came here from all the different corners of the village," - says resident of Yakovenkove, Anatolii Ilyich.

Even those who are unable to get to the outpatient clinic due to poor health could still receive specialist advice. At the request of local medics, a neuropathologist who came to Yakovenkove as a part of The Fund's medical team, has inspected a post-stroke patient at home. The stroke occurred with 80-year-old Yakov Ponomarenko a year and a half ago: now the man can barely move around the house, does not speak, and his right hand is semi-paralyzed. The neuropathologist carefully examined the pensioner, adjusted his treatment and provided recommendations regarding taking care of him.

"Our deepest gratitude goes to the doctors for finding an opportunity to come to our village, to see our patients, and our disabled people at their homes all of which is very important. After all, there are people who unfortunately cannot come to the clinic and to call a narrow profile doctor home is real problem, - says head of the outpatient clinic of family health at the village of Yakovenkove, Olga Tyshchenko. - As a family doctor, of course I can always go on a call, but getting a specialist of a narrow profile is a problem. Thank you for seeing everyone, diagnosing conditions and making recommendations. I would like to invite doctors again - visit us as much as possible, we are always happy for such cooperation!"

During the charitable health check in the village of Yakovenkove, the doctors from The Fund have provided 264 medical services to the local population. This includes not only counseling but also making ECG, measuring arterial and eyeball pressure, levels of sugar in blood, conducting ultrasound examination of internal organs, etc.