Two more schools provided with modern TVs

Two more schools provided with modern TVs

Valky and Ploske comprehensive schools have received large multimedia TVs as a gift from The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. The devices will allow to modernize and to diversify educational process in the institutions.

Valky comprehensive school, in contrast to many other schools in the region, is currently over its capacity: instead of the planned 160 pupils, 220 study there. Because of this, the senior pupils do not move from one classroom to another, but instead stay in the same classroom, while different teachers come to them for each lesson. The largest grade in the school is the ninth. It was for this grade, at the request of the parents, that the multimedia LCD TV was presented, which will allow the lessons to be conducted at a completely different level.

"The gift from the Foundation became a pleasant surprise for me," says Olena Ovcharenko, a class teacher. "I teach Ukrainian language and literature and now I will be able to show video tutorials and thematic videos for lessons so that the children can better understand and memorize the material. After all, this is the ninth grade, and its pupils already should think about external independent testing and start preparing for it."

The new TV has brought joy to Ploske comprehensive school of Velykoburlutskyi district, where 89 children study, as well. Here the device is planned to be installed in the computer science classroom – with its large screen, each student will be able to see what the teacher has to demonstrate on their computer. Also, the TV will be used to show educational videos and video presentations prepared by the pupils at home.

"We are in dire need of modern equipment. According to modern standards each classroom should have at least one piece of equipment – a computer or a TV or a multimedia blackboard. Currently, we have two multimedia projectors for 12 classrooms, and one laptop – this is about 30% of what is actually needed. So the TV is a very appropriate gift, and we will use it in the educational process," says the director of Ploske comprehensive school, Tetyana Kostenko.

Earlier, representatives of the Social Development Foundation have delivered a donation of a multimedia TV to Barvinkivskyi school #4.