Local Self-Governance School Operating in the Derhachi District

Local Self-Governance School Operating in the Derhachi District


The Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region along with the Derhachi District Council has organized a workshop for the local council deputies and heads of the local self-government authorities. This was the second time such a workshop was held in the Derhachi district.

Such educating workshops take place all over the Kharkiv region within the scope of the Foundation’s project “Local Self-Governance School”. Experts of the Foundation consult officials and deputies, introduce them to the latest changes in laws, as well as give practical pieces of advice.

Local self-governance is the level of authorities that stands closest to the people. Its importance doubles in times of reforms, like today. Ouraimistohelpthelocalcouncildeputiesandofficialsfindoptimalsolutionstolocalissuesanddeveloptheirterritorialcommunities,”explained the Foundation’s expert Oleksandr Mishchan.

The introduction of anti-corruption procedures at local councils was the topic that was discussed most of all at the workshop. Expertshavebeenaskedmanyquestionsaboutit. Inparticular, workshopparticipantsaskedhowtoavoidthe conflict of interests in the operation of local councils or what to expect from the electronic declaration system.

 Now the state has established a number of new anti-corruption bodies and is upgrading relevant laws. Thefocuswillbeplacedonanticorruptionprogramsfor local self-governance authorities, in particular on the declaration of income by deputies and officials. It is our common task to make the operations of local councils openand transparent,”stressed the Foundation’s expert Oleh Konotoptsev.

At least as many discussions were held around the specifics of land relationships in Ukraine. RomanLeonov, expertoftheFoundation, discussedwiththeparticipantsdetailsoflandlawsandgaveexplanationsonpowersassignedtolocalself-governmentbodieswithin the frames of land relationships. Theexpertalsotalkedabouttheprocedurefor registering landplotsorleaseagreementsand the land rent pricing.

 Itscrucialthatlocalself-governmentbodiesusetheirlegitimatelandpowersasmuchaspossible, becauselocalcouncilsknow and understandbetterthan the central authorities how to use the land of their community. Atthesametime, onehastofocusontheadoptionofaccessibleratesoflandrentals, because the land will become the key element in funding the local budgets,”said Roman Leonov.

TheDerhachiDistrictCouncilthankedthemanagementandemployeesoftheCharitableFoundationofSocialDevelopmentin the Kharkiv Region for holding a series of educating workshops in the district.

 Experts of the Charitable Foundation provided the theoretical and practical knowledge, which is very useful for employees of local self-government authorities and local council deputies; it’s been an essential contribution in the building up of local self-governance and in strengthening the capacity of territorial communities,” emphasized the Head of the Derhachi District Council Hennadii Lazariev.

Besides the Derhachi district, experts of the Foundation have also held training for local self-government representatives in a number of other districts in September