Schools of Kharkiv region received gifts from the Fund

Schools of Kharkiv region received gifts from the Fund


Educational institutions of Pervomaiskyi, Barvinkivskyi, Velykoburlutskyi, Balakliiskyi and Valkyvskyi districts received memorable gifts from The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. The Foundation congratulated on the Knowledge Day both schoolchildren and preschoolers who are just discovering the world of knowledge for the first time.

For the village of Myronivka in Pervomaiskyi district, this year's September the 1 became a special thing: after a 20-year break the local kindergarten is back in business. It was established on the basis of a local school, which has now become an educational complex. So, on the Knowledge Day, the institution has welcomed not only eight first-graders, but also sixteen kindergarten pupils. 5-year-old Victor Kashpour Junior was so anxious about this event that he almost did not sleep the night before, as the boy's father tells.

"He was very worried, and early in the morning was asking if it was already time to get ready for the kindergarten. Until five and a half years old he studied at home, because there was no kindergarten in the village. And we really needed it! - says resident of Myronivka, Victor Kashpour. – Now I’m experiencing such emotions that there are simply no words to describe it! I think children will be happy, because this is just great that the kindergarten is finally back."

The symbolic tape at the entrance to the kindergarten was cut by its little pupils together with the honorable guest of the holiday - head of Pervomaiskyi District State Administration, Volodymyr Pavlenko. The institution is officially open! The long-awaited kindergarten appeared in Myronivka thanks to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). It is this international organization that has developed a kindergarten project and financed all repairs and purchased the necessary equipment. And local supporters helped to furnish the kindergarten.

"When the time has come for the opening, we have discovered that there were no toys in the kindergarten. So we began to look for sponsors – started making calls and writing letters, - says Director of Myronivka Educational Complex, Nadiya Polyakova. - Among those who responded was The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region. Thanks to its support and support from other sponsors we now have an array of wonderful toys for our kids."  

Interesting educational toys were received as a present from the Fund by pupils of kindergarten in the village of Shulske of Pervomaiskyi district as well. On September the 1, a new preschool was opened at the local Educational Complex, which was also created with UNICEF funding. This made it possible to enroll all the kids that needed it to the kindergarten and segregate them into groups by age. Young pupils of the institution sincerely rejoiced new groups, remarkable repairs, and exciting toys.

"This is an important event for us, of course. We are grateful to The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region for its continued support. Last year, the Foundation has bought us a multimedia projector and provided with office supplies, and today it presented toys for the kindergarten. So, we hope for further cooperation!" - says Iryna Goncharova, Director of Shulske EC.

"Schools and kindergartens should be tended to not only on holidays, but throughout whole school year," - says coordinator of the Foundation in Pervomaiskyi district, Mykola Tarasenko. - This is especially true for rural institutions, which literally have to struggle to survive. Children should have everything they need to learn and grow, because they are our future."

Mykola Tarasenko has delivered a collection of children's literature to the library of Myronivka EC. Bright illustrated books were presented to the school in the village of Odradove also. The literature for rural educational institutions was provided by the president of the group of companies "Factor", Sergyi Polituchii.

"Together with our partners, The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region has been implementing a program to support children's institutions in the region for three years now," - says Valerii Dema, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation. - This includes targeted help, sponsoring cultural and sporting events for children, and organizing recreation for children. When banding together, socially responsible public can do a lot for the younger generation."

Memorable gifts from The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region were also received by educational institutions of Velykoburlutskyi, Barvinkivskyi, Valkyvskyi and Balakliiskyi districts. The Fund's coordinators in their respective districts have presented stylish wall clocks to local schools and kindergartens.