Pupils of Pervomaiskyi district received prizes for winning contest

Pupils of Pervomaiskyi district received prizes for winning contest


More than 20 pupils from Pervomaiskyi district, who took prize-winning places in the contest "I am a deputy of a local council", were awarded their well-earned prizes. The kids were congratulated with their victory by representatives of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region and the district authorities. The award ceremony took place within the framework of the Sixth Festival of Gifted Children "Parostky Nadii."

In the beginning of May, the pupils from the city of Pervomaiskyi have received their prizes from The Fund, and now it’s the turn for their colleagues from the district. Pervomaiskyi district was represented by the pupils from nine educational complexes, who have submitted more than sixty works to the jury for consideration. The winners were identified in each EC - in this way, more than twenty pupils became prize-winners. For those who took the first place, the organizers of the contest gave Power Bank batteries, the owners of the second place were handed flash drives with 16 GB of memory, and bronze winners received headphones. The winners admit: the contest has not attracted them with just the prizes, but also with an opportunity to convey their thoughts to the current deputies.

"In my work, I have offered the deputies some small suggestions, from which a better future may begin - for example, to make free bread available for those who cannot buy it, to find a place to stay for the homeless. Perhaps this is not a large-scale work, but it shows humanity. A deputy above all else must be human - only so will he be able to understand the needs of the people and to make their lives better," - says pupil of Oleksiivskyi EC, Polina Zakharyeva, who took first place in her institution.

Organizers of the competition have announced that all the works of pupils were high-quality made. Kids showed that the fate of their native land was not of no concern to them: they see the existing problems and are ready to start solving them – together with adults. The main thing is for adults to hear them out.

"Every person has their own goal in life. For most adults, the goal is to have happy children and bright future. Looking at the contestants, I realize that this bright future exists. As representatives of The Fund, we hope that fresh thoughts of youth will advise adults how to proceed," - says Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, Valerii Dema.

"Through the school year, pupils of Pervomaiskyi district took part in 50 competitions and contests. One of the most interesting of them was the competition organized by The Fund. I read some of the works and understood: the future of the country is in safe hands. The future of the country is you, your actions and your achievements," - says head of Pervomaiskyi District State Administration, Volodymyr Pavlenko.

Representatives of The Fund intend to collect all the suggestions and ideas that the pupils put forward in their works and print them as one publication. It is planned to send this publication to deputies of local councils, Verkhovna Rada and even candidates for deputies.

The contest "I am a deputy of a local council" was held in Pervomaiskyi, Blyzniukivskyi, Valkyvskyi, Barvinkivskyi and Balakliiskyi districts. 584 pupils of 72 comprehensive schools have participated.