Pupils of Valkyvskyi district received prizes for the best contest works

Pupils of Valkyvskyi district received prizes for the best contest works


At Valkyvskyi District Council the pupils-winners of the creative contest organized by The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region received their awards. Pupils who took prize-winning places at the district level and at their educational institutions were presented with memorable and useful gifts.

The task of the contest was to write an essay on the subject "I am a deputy of a local council". The children had to see their village, city, district through deputy’s eyes and offer their own program for its development. The most convincing was the pupil of Staromerchitske school, Anastasia Martynova: her work took the first place in Valkyvskyi district. The girl admits that she is not dreaming about a deputy career yet - the responsibility is too high, but it was very interesting to participate in the contest.

"I am not indifferent to what is happening around, so I wanted to express my opinion. Here I decided to write a competitive essay. Mostly I wrote about the youth and that in our village there are no places for creative and physical development for them. And it would be possible to organize some cultural events, to open sports sections. I am also worried about the problem of pollution of the territories - not just the deputies must work on solving it, but each individual person too," - the schoolgirl notes.

For her victory in the contest, Anastasia Martynova received from The Fund a tablet and a certificate that gives her preference for entering the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. Valuable gifts were handed to other prize-winners as well. Pupil of Serpneve Educational Complex, Artem Onatskii, to whom the jury awarded the second place in the district, was awarded a smartphone. The third place went to Anastasia Dorosh, who studies at Vysokopillia school - she was presented with an external hard drive by the organizers of the contest. The pupils whose works have been considered the best in their educational institutions were also rewarded. They received Power Bank batteries, headphones, and flash drives from The Fund.

"We spent more than two weeks reading the works. The ideas expressed in the contest entries of pupils from Valkyvskyi district are very rational, precise, some of them can be taken and implemented right now," - says Chairman of the Management Board of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, Yevhen Shapoval. - I'm sure when these children get higher education and start adult life, they will be of great benefit to their native Valkyvskyi district and their country."

In total, pupils from 13 comprehensive schools of Valkyvskyi district have participated in the contest. Most of the works were written in very high-quality: pupils have shown that they know the history of their region and are well aware of the local self-governance issues. Having put themselves in the position of deputies, senior pupils realized how much responsibility and how complicated it is.

"A contest on such a topic in our district is being held for the first time, but it is very necessary, because as a deputy I can say - it is not easy to work such a job. May what the children have written in their works most definitely come true, and this contest will become a good tradition," - says Natalia Osadcha, deputy head of Valkyvskyi District State Administration.

Representatives of The Fund did not leave Valkyvskyi district empty-handed: they received written gratitude from the district administration, and were also offered to continue mutual cooperation.

The first stage of the essay contest "I am a deputy of a local council" was held among the 11-grade pupils of comprehensive schools in five districts - Blyzniukivskyi, Balakliiskyi, Valkyvskyi, Barvinkivskyi and Pervomaiskyi. Altogether, almost 600 pupils from 72 educational institutions have taken part in it. It is planned to hold the second stage of the contest in autumn.