In "Barvinok" – there is a new session of holidaymakers



For the third time this season, the children's camp "Barvinok" welcomes dear guests - 65 boys and girls who came here to rest from all over Kharkiv region. Children will be receiving recreation at the camp located among the picturesque slopes of Barvinkivshchyna, for the next three weeks. 

An opening of a session is always a great holiday in "Barvinok". The entire staff of the camp is gathered at the solemn line to warmly welcome the children to the camp and arrange for them a warm and homely reception. After listening to the anthem of Ukraine and raising the state flag before the young holidaymakers, the director of "Barvinok", Lydia Yefremova, has solemnly announced the session open and wished all the guests a good rest. Then the children were initiated into barvinkers and presented with signature T-shirts, caps and bright neckties. For Mikhail Lipchan from Kharkiv this is the second initiation ceremony in his life - last year he has also been resting at "Barvinok".

"It’s a long way from Kharkiv, but it's well worth it, - says the boy. - Last summer I really liked it here, so I'm glad to come back here again. In "Barvinok" life is different from that of a big city - it is surrounded by nature, silence, here you are sleeping well and eating with appetite! Every day there is football, and all kinds of entertainment, and awesome guides - I've already become acquainted with them."

On the third session, the camp mainly receives children of beneficiary categories: kids from families with many children or low-income families, orphans, children of internally displaced persons or participants of ATO, and also gifted boys and girls. All of them are receiving recreation in "Barvinok" for free, as their tickets are paid for by the partners of the institution - The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, The "Dar" Foundation and AgroGeneration. 

"Every child should receive energy, vitamins, and positive emotions in summer, - says Igor Makarevych, coordinator of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region in Barvinkivskyi district. - Unfortunately, we cannot drastically change the lives of these children. But we can give them three weeks of interesting and fun holidays, during which they will learn self-sufficiency, find new friends, and get useful experience and knowledge." 

"We are grateful to all the benefactors who have allocated funds for the trips. Special thanks to Igor Makarevych - for everyday support, for his help in preparing the camp for this summer. Wonderful, energetic and talented kids came to us the third session. We will do our best to make them comfortable, entertained and interested at the camp," - says director of the camp, Lydia Yefremova.

The little vacationers will not know boredom here - there will be interest groups for them working daily, there will be sports and creative contests, quizzes, and competitions held. Also the kids will have an opportunity to go to a fascinating excursion to Sviatohirsk Lavra, to attend workshops on journalism and to see a performance from a professional dance group.