The winners of essay contest from Barvinkivskyi district received their awards

The winners of essay contest from Barvinkivskyi district received their awards


Valuable prizes from The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region were given to the pupils of Barvinkivskyi district who became the winners of the essay contest "I am a deputy of a local council". The awards ceremony was held at Barvinkivskyi District Council. Gifts were presented to the authors of the best works in the district, as well as to pupils whose works were considered to be the best at the level of their respective educational institutions.

Eleventh-grade pupils from six schools in Barvinkivskyi district have participated in the contest. In their works the participants described the positive changes that they would introduce to their native communities, if they had the status of deputy of a local council. It turned out that children are striving for simple and quite real things: clean streets, good roads, modern playgrounds and sports grounds. A particular impression on the jury was made by the work of Alyona Syretska, who studies at Husarivka school - the submission from the girl was recognized as the best in Barvinkivskyi district. For winning the first place the organizers of the competition presented the pupil with a tablet and a certificate that gives preference for entrance to the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership.

"It was interesting to take part in this contest, to imagine being a deputy of a local council. As a resident of the village of Nikopol I want to contribute to its development. In my opinion, we need to pay more attention to the younger generation, because in our village too little is done for young people. Had I deputy powers, I would rectify this," - notes Alyona Syretska.

The second place in the district was taken by Ruslana Bohonos, pupil of Barvinkivskyi district school #3, and Artem Onipchenko, who is studying at Gavrylivskyi educational complex, took the third place. Both wrote original and meaningful works for which they received useful prizes from the Fund: Ruslana got a smartphone, Artem - an external hard drive. The organizers of the contest also awarded winners at the level of educational institutions. Pupils who took prize-winning places in their schools were awarded with flash drives, Power Bank batteries and headphones.

"Most importantly, you are not indifferent to what's happening around you. In the future, you will have to deal with that people may obstruct your work on what you have conceived. You may be told that you are white crows (black sheep). But remember: white crows you are not, but are those who obstruct you. And you are the strength, you are the future!" - addressed the schoolchildren Valerii Dema, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region.

"Talent is a drop of ability in the sea of hard work. I wish the participants of this contest to not lose their talent as they are our hope. With you, our country will most definitely have a better future," - assures head of Barvinkivskyi District Council, Valentina Scholok.

Following the results of the contest, The Fund is planning to issue a publication, which will include in it all of the suggestions from pupils of each district. This publication will be passed not only to local councils’ members but also to people's deputies in Verkhovna Rada. Philanthropists say: this will be the first deputy order fully written by the children of Kharkiv region.

"Such contests are a great incentive for schoolchildren. For children it is an opportunity to open up about their dreams, tell about what needs to be done to make Barvinkivskyi district the best not only in the region but also in the whole country," - says coordinator of The Fund in Barvinkivskyi district, Igor Makarevich.

The first stage of the contest "I am a deputy of a local council" was held in Blyzniukivskyi, Balakliiskyi, Valkyvskyi, Barvinkivskyi and Pervomaiskyi districts. Altogether, 600 pupils from 72 educational institutions have taken part in it.