Visiting ophthalmologist consultation organized in a nursing home

Visiting ophthalmologist consultation organized in a nursing home


At the invitation of benefactors ophthalmologist visited the home for the elderly in Grushine village in Pervomaiskyi district and checked its inhabitants. A few senior people received written prescriptions for glasses so that they could comfortably read their favorite books and watch TV.

Retired Oleksandr Golubov after moving to the nursing home got addicted to detective fiction. The man has read almost all the books available in the institution. And recently reading has become a problem for him, his sight got blurred, focusing became harder, as the pensioner complains. Of seven occupants of the institution currently only one old lady has glasses; one old man is completely blind and cannot be cured. The rest of the seniors are in need of sight correction.    

"A medical practitioner visits our institution weekly, but she cannot pick us the right glasses, as it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist first. And getting seniors to a hospital is a problem because they can barely move and for them this would be an ordeal," - says head of the institution, Anna Volovik.       

The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, with the participation of which this institution was established, organized visiting ophthalmologist consultations for the residents. A doctor comes to Grushine home for the elderly fully armed with a set of ophthalmic lenses and ocular diagnostic devices. In addition to age-related changes of sight, upon closer inspection different stages of cataract were identified in all of the inhabitants of the institution.

"Performing surgery on old people is too risky. The only thing you can do in this situation is to improve their quality of life in some way. So I picked reading glasses for them, so that they do not feel impaired and can lead their everyday lives in some comfort," - says ophthalmologist, Natalia.   

"The medical specialist handed over to representatives of The Fund the prescriptions for glasses, and soon we will order and procure them. When the glasses are ready, we’ll give them to these people. We feel responsible for the elderly, and that is why this institution was created, so that these people could feel comfortable, receive care and assistance," - says the chairman of The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region, Yevhen Shapoval.  

Home for the elderly in Grushine village started operating in autumn of 2016. It is designed for temporary or permanent residence of single pensioners of Pervomaiskyi district. There are four senior men and three senior women currently living there.