Merefa city beach and reservoir cleared

Merefa city beach and reservoir cleared


More than ten Kamazes of cut cane and more than 400 meters of barbed wire extracted from water are the result of work of benefactors and local community in Merefa. Now residents of Merefa can comfortably relax not only on the central city beach, but also on the shores of a small reservoir, located near the school #3.

The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region conducted the clean-up of the coastal zone from cane. To do this, the specialized amphibian vehicle Truxor was used, which mows water vegetation, and then collects the stems and brings those on shore. The first to get cleared was Merefa city beach - it was put to order in just a few hours.

"We have cleared 50 meters of the beach on the bank of Mzha River - having finished what was started last year. We had to work all day back in the beginning, and this time we managed to do everything quickly, because there was little vegetation left. People are very pleased that the beach is clean and landscaped, because each summer it becomes the most popular recreational spot for residents of Merefa," - notes coordinator of The Fund in the city of Merefa, Vitalii Ryabukha.

Thanks to the joint efforts of philanthropists and local residents of Merefa, another recreational spot has appeared near water there, on the banks near school #3. This reservoir was dug several decades ago, and it was used back then as a fire reservoir. Being left unattended, the reservoir has overgrown with thick reed and cane: in some spots the thickness of the cane "wall" reached four or five meters - the water was not even visible from the shore. The amphibian vehicle had to work hard to destroy these thickets. The work was complicated by an unexpected finding: it turned out that the whole riverbank was littered with barbed wire. For some time, the amphibian vehicle even malfunctioned - it was necessary to repair its scythe.

"We are trying to figure out who could wrap the coast with barbed wire. One of the local residents told everyone that he has bought this reservoir, - says deputy of Merefa City Council, Sergii Deineka. - However, I have submitted a deputy request on the matter and received a reply that the reservoir belongs to the city and its community. So we decided to bring the reservoir to order so that everyone could come and relax on his shores. We’ve learned that there exists such an amphibian vehicle, and contacted The Charitable Foundation of Social Development of Kharkiv Region - they responded to our request and helped. We are very grateful! Together we have made such a beauty – half the city came to look at the work of the amphibian vehicle!"

11-year school pupil Mykhaylo Kryvytskyi came to the bank of the reservoir too: at the request of local residents, he created a three-dimensional coastal improvement plan on a computer. In this plan there is a gazebo, benches, and stationary parasols for children - the plan is huge. And today the pupil saw with his own eyes how the first step towards completion of this plan was made.

"It's nice to see that my improvement plan is being implemented little by little. I understand that this is just the beginning - there is a lot of work ahead, but I believe that everything will work out fine. As soon as the specialized vehicle was set to work, people began to come and help clear the reservoir. I hope things will go on just as good," - says pupil of Merefa comprehensive school #3 Mykhaylo Kryvytskyi.

In six hours of work, more than ten Kamazes worth of cane was removed from the reservoir. Also, it was managed to extract all the barbed wire from water - more than 400 meters of it.