Volunteer Doctors Examined Residents of Five Villages in the Vovchansk District

Volunteer Doctors Examined Residents of Five Villages in the Vovchansk District


Healthcare Professionals of the Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region have covered almost the entire Vovchansk district with their charitable mission. On March 21-25 they visited the Yurchenkove, Revoliutsiine, Shestakove, Khotimlia, and Novooleksandrivka villages, where they examined people for free and offered over fifteen hundred medical services.

The medical team traditionally consisted of a cardiologist, an ophthalmologist, an ultrasound diagnostician, a neuropathologist, and a gynecologistBeside the ultrasound equipment the doctors brought with them acardiograph and a blood glucose meter to every village. Thus people had a chance to make a cardiogram, to measure the blood sugar level and get the results immediately. On multiple occasions this helped identify diabetes while some patients had no idea that they were sick

Such cases happened almost in every village.It’s sad to saybut for the majority of rural citizens the arrival
 of the charity medical team was by far the only possibility to have a preventive check-up and be consulted by narrow specialists.

As soon as I got to know that the doctors arrivemy immediate decision was to go for an examination
because no one knows if there will beanother chance,” said the resident of the Khotimlia village Valentyna Serdiuk“I have been examined by all specialistsI liked the doctors very much; they are careful, give explanations and help. They treat their patients very well.”

Doctors have noticed this regularity – the farther they go from a regional center, the worse is the medical service offered to populationA bright example is Novooleksandrivkathe most distant village visited by the Foundation’s medical team last week

They have a wonderful primaryhealthcare unit there that is newly rehabbedneat and cleanbut it offers a very modest list of
 medicalservices, because it is intended to provide primary aid only. One can get more competent service either in Vovchansk or in Kharkiv, many kilometers away from the villageThat is why locals settle for what they have and go to the district hospital only in case of a big need.

"Almost all people had not been examined beforeThey live far away from the civilized world. Even getting to Vovchansk is not easy, because the transport connection and roads are bad,” shared his impressions the ultrasound diagnostician Vitalii Petrovych“Many of them have heard their diagnoses for the first time from us.

Kharkiv specialists helped some people recover right during the check-up.

 Novooleksandrivka was the last village the Foundation’s doctors visited in the Vovchansk district

The team paid visits to nearly twenty villages/towns of the district and examinedhundreds of peopleVolunteer doctors will definitely come back to the Vovchansk district again in a whileYet now they are awaited in other districts of the Kharkiv region.