On-Site Medical Check-Ups Provide Substantial Aid to Villagers

On-Site Medical Check-Ups Provide Substantial Aid to Villagers


Medical teams of the Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region cover hundreds of kilometers in order to examine and consult people residing in the most distant villages. For citizens of such villages as Zarubynka (Velykyi Burluk district) this is a great chance to have a free comprehensive check-up right in their village.

Both Anna Dmytrivna and Kateryna Pavlivna are almost eighty years old. They reside at the outskirts of the village. The old ladies have crossed over two kilometers on foot to come for a check-up with doctors from Kharkiv that arrived with the medical team to the primary healthcare unit of Zarubynka. The pensioners admitted that the age has its effects and that they have problems with their sight, joints, and blood pressure. Yet, going for an examination to the district hospital in Velykyi Burluk was out of the question for them, because such a trip is beyond their capacity.

The primary healthcare unit of Zarubynka serves residents of two villages – Zarubynka and Dovhenke. In total, it has 175 registered patients. It employs only a medical assistant and a nurse, who provide primary medical aid to the population. Taking tests, making an X-ray, or having an appointment with a narrow specialist is possible in Velykyi Burluk only.



The bus that goes to the district center arrives once a week, that is why the majority of villagers settle for the medical aid that is available in the village. Some people even refuse to go to the district hospital because the doctors insist on their hospitalization. Yet, such cases are rather exceptional. Almost all people examined by the Foundation’s doctors promised to adhere to recommendations and take care of their health. Specialists from Kharkiv heard many grateful comments and were requested to come again.


“For our village this was a serious help. Our people are not able to go to the hospital for an examination, because for such a trip they need both time and money. That is why people are so happy that the doctors arrived to their place! Despite the fact that the villagers are very busy with the harvest, they managed to find a couple of minutes and come for an appointment. So, thank you so much! I hope that the Foundation will continue its operation, because it provides help both to us as medical workers and to the population,” said the Head of the Zarubynka Primary Healthcare Unit Tamara Zheleztsova.