“Perlyny Slobozhanshchyny” to Be Sponsored by the Foundation

“Perlyny Slobozhanshchyny” to Be Sponsored by the Foundation


A historical and archeological festival “Perlyny Slobozhanshchyny” (“Pearls of Slobozhanshchyna”) will be taking place in the village Verkhnii Saltiv of the Vovchansk district on the 10th of September. The Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region is one of its sponsors.

This event is a unique opportunity to go far back in the past, about a thousand years ago, when this area was inhabited by bellicose nomad tribes Alans. They were cultured and well-armed. Their weapon included bows, sabers, blades, axes, war hammers and spears. Numerous remnants of their armor, household goods, and adornment items are found in catacombs near today’s Verkhnii Saltiv.

 On the 10th of September everyone will be able to visit the catacombs and literally touch the past. Archeologists and historians who will conduct excursions promise to reveal many mysteries. Specifically for the festival the Kharkiv Historical Museum provided unique artifacts from its deposits, which have never been exposed to the public. Visitors of the event will also see breathtaking knights battle deploying real armor, archery and javelin throwing contests, ethnic concert, hand-made fair, master classes on Slobozhanshchyna crafts, open-air cinema and many other things. The program is very eventful and will last from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

 No doubt that organization of such a large-scale event demands significant financing. Luckily, there were no problems with sponsors, as highlighted by one of the festival’s organizers Nataliia Yakovleva.

“The first charity organization we addressed was the Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region. They agreed to help at once. The Foundation provided a round sum of money – UAH 40,000. Then we’ve also found other sponsors. Some of them helped with financing, others with specific items. For example, we’ve been provided with free wood to mount a building similar to those that existed in the times of Alans, as well as with hay, which we will use to make seats,” said Nataliia Yakovleva, the founding member of the Charity Fund“Kharkiv with You”.

 “We know so little about the land we live on! Now it’s hard to imagine that many centuries ago bellicose nomads grazed their cattle or set fires on the picturesque meadows of Verkhnii Saltiv. The festival “Perlyny Slobozhanshchyny” is an outstanding historical and cultural event. It’s like a time machine that will help us rediscover the culture of Verkhnii Saltiv. The Charitable Foundation of Social Development in the Kharkiv Region is glad to be a part of this event. We have supported and we will continue to support initiatives aimed at cultural education of Kharkiv residents. I’m convinced that this festival will make many people reconsider the way they think about their native land to value and love it even more,” said Yevhen Shapoval, Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation of Social Development.

 One can get to the festival site by bus from the bus station No.3 near “Kinnyi Rynok” or bus station No. 7 near the metro station “Heroiiv Pratsi”. The ticket price is standard – around 30 hryvnias.