Facilitation programme for territorial communities' development

Facilitation programme for territorial communities' development


Program Description

The country’s successful development largely depends on the local self-governance development, the growing local initiative, and the strengthening of the economic and social capacity of every territorial community. Territorial communities are the primary local self-government link. At the same time, the best practice shows that local development is successfully attained through close cooperation of local authorities with the civil society institutions (civil organizations, charitable funds, socially responsible businesses, and other civil associations). This was the reason behind the Foundation’s approval of the program targeted at the support of territorial communities, especially in the most distant and rural areas of the region.

The objective of the program is to offer comprehensive assistance to local self-government authorities and territorial communities in the implementation of the sustainable local development.

The program has two basic parts – Local Self-Governance School and Legal Support for People.

Activities under the Local Self-Governance School aim to equip officials of the local self-government authorities and local council deputies with both theoretical and practical tools, which will allow them to properly meet the interests of territorial communities they represent. In order to achieve it, experts of the Foundation arrange teaching workshops, trainings, and other events for officials of the local self-government authorities and local council deputies, and systematically consult them on the local development specifics. They also provide local communities and local self-government authorities with practical aid in making the local development programs and in the attraction of international resources to finance the development of communities.

Local Self-Governance School fulfills the following tasks:

co-financing support of local development projects and programs aimed at the improvement of territorial communities’ well-being;

raises awareness of local council deputies and local self-government officials in the field of local development; 

improves understanding by officials and deputies of local budgets and specifics of the extra-budgetary funds raising necessary to finance the development of rural territories and to increase the local budget revenues in particular;

systematic consulting assistance to local councils in the field of land relations in order to upgrade the land-use documentation, to improve credibility of the standard monetary appraisal of land, and to increase local budget revenues from rental payments for the state-owned farmland;

better transparency of activities of the local self-government authorities and methodological help with the introduction of the latest anticorruption procedures in the operation of local councils.

Legal Support for People assumes the provision of the primary legal aid to residents of villages, towns, and district centers of the Kharkiv region. Its activities aim to ensure accessible free primary legal support for rural residents and especially residents of distant locations.

Free primary legal support includes such legal services as provision of legal information, consultations on and explanation of legal matters; drawing of agreements, applications, complaints, and other legal documents (other than procedural documents); assistance in the provision of the secondary legal support. 

In order to implement this part of the program, the Foundation established legal receptions in districts of the Kharkiv region.