FM-Radio stations for communities

FM-Radio stations for communities

Program Description

Regional Social Radio (RSR)  program provides for the establishment and broadcasting of non-commercial socially targeted local FM-radio stations in all districts of the Kharkiv region.

The point of this program is to introduce radio broadcasting to districts with no or limited national broadcasting. RSR’s specific feature is the format of a non-commercial regional socially targeted radio, which is new to Ukraine. RSR is not politically biased.

Implementation of RSR program allows:

the establishment of the independent and socially targeted local broadcasting in all districts of the Kharkiv region;

radio access for the vulnerable groups of society through the provision of free radio receivers; 

an alternative FM-radio broadcasting in the districts of the Kharkiv region that have no Ukrainian FM broadcasting;

the creation of radio programs that would address topical issues for local residents involving civic organizations and local authorities etc.; 

the support of the local information system and emergency notification of population, which is crucial from the civil defense and emergency prevention perspectives (considering the proximity of the conflict zone);

higher involvement of population in the Ukrainian media space and the consolidation of its civil stand.

The RSR concept is particularly crucial in the context of the decentralization reform, since the newly-formed united territorial communities need local radio in order to create a unified information space.

Through RSR the Foundation intends to offer a new comprehensive solution to the issue of information provision in the regions of Ukraine, first and foremost for rural residents and underprivileged or vulnerable groups of society.